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6x4 Garage Shelving

Garage Shelving Racks to Fit Your Needs

O.S.S. Garage Ceiling Shelves are great for the garage, basement, attic, closet, office or any other room in need of storage. These shelves are perfect for storing holiday decorations, luggage, coolers, and other large, bulky items. They were designed to be installed in "ANY" garage, whether unfinished, dry walled, pitched, angled or lofted, even with low ceilings, our specialty.

If you are in need of storage and don't think it will work, "let us assure you IT WILL!" We have NEVER had a garage that has not been able to accomidate our storage shelves. No matter how many trusses, lights, sprinklers, attic ladders or any other obstructions there may be... We have a solution for you and will make storage for your application.

A 6x4 garage shelving racks can be matched with our other sizes to accomidate any layout.

  • Adjustable in height
  • Holds up to 800 lbs
  • Provides ample storage of wasted space
  • Made of strong, durable steel
  • Attractive powdered coated white finish
  • Some of the more common sizes we install (4x8) most popular unit, (4x6) (4x4) (4x2) (2x8) (2x6) (2x4)
  • Can be installed in any garage, even garages with changing truss directions or ceiling joist.
  • Compatible with O.S.S. accessories
  • Carries a limited lifetime warranty
  • Installs on finished or unfinished ceilings wood or drywalled
  • Our Products proudly made in the USA of 12 gauge steal
  • Any size or configuration available
  • Units can be linked together
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Create storage in your garage for more than half the cost of cabinets!
Utilize totally wasted space in the center of your garage's ceiling ~ Maximize the wasted wall space in your garage with our heavy duty wall shelves.

The Absolute Most Affordable Way to Create Storage in Your Garage
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