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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Overhead Garage Storage Racks and Wall Shelves

1. Will this work in my garage?
Yes, We can make any garage work! Overhead Storage Solutions has been in business since 1998 and we've been able to install garage storage systems for each and every customer since then. We've literally installed hundreds of garage ceiling racks combined with wall shelves.

2. Do I need to clean up my garage prior to installation?
We can install no matter how much is in your garage.

3. Is it expensive?
We are the most affordable solution on the market! It costs a quarter of what garage cabinets cost and leaves more room. The problem with cabinets is that they often times do not leave adequate space to park your car. Plus garage cabinets are a space hog and when they are opened they leave little space to move around and again your car or suv may not fit. We provide a low cost method for garage storage that combines garage ceiling racks and wall shelves that are installed quickly; in 1-2 hours in most instances. Each garage ceiling rack unit it capable of holding up to 800 pounds.

4. Do you use sub-contractors?
We never use sub-contactors and only hire certified garage installers that work directly for Overhead Storage Solutions. We've been in business for so long because our customers know they can reply on us for professional, friendly and efficient service. Plus a Limited lifetime product warranty is included.

5. Will they work with my existing cabinets and lights?
Yes, We can work around any exisiting fixtures or lighting in your garage.

6. How many containers can I store in a 4x8?
On average you can store up to 24 standard containers. Our overhead storage units and wall shelf units are made of industrial grade steel for strength and durability and are made to last! Take a look at our Garage Storage Idea Center Page for a variety of storage options that can be used for your garage.

7. Will my SUV still fit in my garage?
Yes! The units are never lower than the garage opening and allow for your car to fit in with extra space around it. That's why our overhead storage racks are a better solution than cabinets. Garage cabinets take up a lot of space and can prevent your car from fitting in your garage - and they cost four times more than overhead storage racks !

8. Is my ceiling strong enough?
Absolutely! An average ceiling is capable of holding up to 800lbs per unit. See our Photo Gallery that features the garages of our customers, where we have installed their overhead garage ceiling racks and wall shelves.

Do you have more questions about Overhead Storage Solutions and how we can help you with garage ceiling racks and wall shelves as a storage solution? If that's the case or you're ready to move forward on your garage storage - Call Us Today at 866-365-4677.


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